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Looking for a consistent, entertaining, and creatively fulfilling weekly D&D game? Do you and your friends want to play but nobody has the time, experience, or inclination to be the game master? Do you want to return to the game you played as a kid, but have no idea where to start? Let my 30+ years of experience running and playing the game take you to new lands in which you can escape the stress of your day job, meet new friends, and exercise those creative muscles. I provide a safe, no-judgement, nurturing environment full of laughs and memories.


Public Ongonig Campaign

Meet new people and play through an officially published adventure. I'll work with you to find an adventure hook that fits your character idea. Great for new and experienced players alike. Only $15 per player per session. 


Private Ongoing Campaign

Do you and your friends all want to play and socialize, but nobody has time, experience, or materials to run the game? This is your answer. We'll have a Session 0 in which we discuss campaign ideas, themes, roll characters together and plan for a truly unique experience.


Gaming Group Portrait Photos

I'm also a professional photographer, and provide unique creative portraits to gaming groups, cosplayers, and individuals. Choose a background that suits your preferred gaming genre, grab some props (optional) and you'll have something timeless to remind you of your past adventures.

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